Jio Tunes: How to Activate and Set Caller Ring Tune in Jio Devices

Do you know that Jio provides caller music support? JioTunes delivers without paying any fee or premium, a free caller tunes service, which you may activate. Here, we are sharing four ways of setting Jio Caller Tunes.

jio tunes

What are you waiting for? Here are some steps, follow it and set the caller tune that is ideal. Your Jio music program, before placing your caller tune using the Jio Saavn Music program make sure you have an update.

How to Activate Jio Tunes Using JioSavaan

  • Step 1: Download the JioSaavn Audio app in your own android or even iOS smartphone.
  • Step 2: After downloading Open the program using your My Jio account credentials, a listing of songs will soon appear on the monitor.
  • Step 3: Select a tune of Your choice that you need to set as JioTune.
  • Step 4: About the new page, Click on Three dots.
  • Step 5: A ladder Will look here tap set as JioTune.
  • Step 6: A pop up will appear, tap the Play icon to preview the JioTune.
  • Step 7: To set the Selected tune as your JioTune, tap on Establish JioTune.

An activation confirmation Message from Jio will be transmitted to your number.

How activate your JioTunes Using MyJio

  • Step 1: Download MyJio App in your android or iOS smartphone.
  • Step 2: Open MyJio App and choose JioTunes alternative.
  • Step 3: Go to The Songs tab and select the song which you need to place.
  • Step 4: Listen to The Preview and click Set as JioTune.
  • Step 5: A When your request is submitted 8, confirmation screen.

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How to set Jio Caller Tune Using asterisk (*) Button

If you somebody The caller of else tune, it is possible to replicate that also. Here are some simple steps you need to follow to replicate that caller song.

  • Step 1: Telephone the Specific amount you want to copy.
  • Step 2: Press the Star(*) button)
  • Step 3: A consent Message will be transmitted to you. After getting the message you need to affirm a text reply with’Y’ over 30 minutes.

The selected JioTune will be triggered on your own Jio number.

How to set Jio Caller Tunes With SMS

An SMS can be sent by you Together with the first 3 words of this song/film/album of your own choice to 56789 (toll-free) or it is also possible to set a Jio caller tune by sending an SMS JT into 56789 with all these following codes:

  • MOVIE send it to 56789
  • ALBUM send it to 56789
  • SINGER send it to 56789

Once you send the Message, you will be reverted by Jio with a message to find affirmation from you. After receiving a message you just have to send a response with’Y’ and Shortly a confirmation message will be sent by Jio for you.

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That’s how you can easily set up and activate Jio Tunes in any Jio device. If you have questions, do let us know in the comment box below. Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy!