Glenn T. Payne, Certified PGA Golf Instructor.

  “Golf should be fun and so should instruction. My philosophy centers around simple, comprehensive instruction based on your goals.”

Glenn has more than 20 years of professional golf instruction experience, he has provided thousands of successful golf lessons and clinics. Each student is provided with a customized lesson or lesson plan to achieve his or her goals. Glenn provides a balanced comprehensive approach to golf instruction including mental readiness, course strategy, fitness, swing analysis, scoring, and club fitting. Golfers of all ages and skill levels have achieved amazing results from Glenn’s instructional techniques.

Advanced certifications include PGA Golf Instruction, U. S. Kids Golf, Positive Coaching Alliance, Titleist Performance Institute – Fitness, Club Fitting Certifications from Ping and Titleist.

1   – 40 minute lesson – $65

3   – 40 minute lesson plan – $195                              

5   – 40 minute lesson plan – $325                                   + 1 free lesson

10 – 40 lesson plan – $650                                                  +2 free lessons

Weekly lessons (one per week) 30 lessons                      $1500   

                               Group and Junior rates available.